Friday, April 1, 2011


The weather here is horrible.  Just HORRIBLE!  I don’t usually mind the rain, but this. is. enough.  Victoria’s been backpacking on Catalina Island; she flew home this afternoon.  As is common for teens, she got in at 3pm  and had a 3:30 bus to catch for a weekend in Portland…tight timing, to say the least.  Mentally, I had prepared to drive her to Portland if I had to (and yes, I knew it was possible when I said she could go this weekend.).  But God was incredibly gracious:

  • Tori’s flight got in 20 minutes early
  • She didn’t have a checked bag
  • Her friends Hannah and Natalie didn’t have softball practice today—too wet.
  • The kids from church got a later-than-anticipated start
  • In addition to the bus, they chose—at the last minute—to take a car.  That car had only the driver in it.  Judy (the driver) wanted passengers.  And Tori, Hannah, and Natalie needed a ride.
  • The girls got hooked up with Judy and are riding down together. 

And me?  I’m happily back at home, enjoying a warm, dry (in the house, anyway!), stress-free afternoon MUCH more than I would otherwise.  Especially since my other option today would be Friday afternoon rush hour traffic in the pouring rain.  All the way to Portland.

Even the little stuff is important to God.  :)

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  1. Oh, so glad you got to stay home. Rush hour in the rain on a Friday to Portland sounds horrid!