Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was texting last night with one of my girls.  She had wanted to spring fling buttonknow if I’d heard some news she found interesting.  I had, and we chatted a bit about what had happened and the consequences of actions.  Then I threw out a comment that didn’t seem like ‘typical’ me, but apparently it didn’t surprise her at all.  Her reply?  “How did I know you were going to say something like that?  :)  I love you!” 

“Hmmm…”  I replied.  “I’m your mom.  I am the ultimate in predictability.   Or boring.  Or something like that. :\”

Her response to that stopped me in my tracks:

“It’s okay.  You’re not boring.  And there is not one single problem with having family members know you so well.  :)  In fact, I hear it’s encouraged…”

Wise truth from an 18 year old.  She finished our conversation with a very sweet “I love you mommy!  Sleep well.  :)”   She went on about her night, and I sat in my chair, thinking about what she’d said.  Yes, it’s good to be predictable.  It’s great that she knows me well enough to know what my response would be.  But is it so wonderful that I’m THAT predictable?  I’m not sure.   Gonna have to think on that one a bit….

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