Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We’re now 2 months post wheat free trial and still mostly wheat free.   The changes for Ryan are hard to ignore, and he is enjoying being ‘itch and ache free.’  The difference for him is significant enough that HE recognizes when he’s eaten wheat, so it’s easier for him to stick with it.  Of course, there are occasions that we can’t (or don’t) choose to be wheat free, and we’re seeing clearly that it’s hard.

Surprisingly, we saw something amazing with Logan this last weekend.  Because of the way our weekend went, we didn’t do any wheat free all weekend (and some of last week either!).  Logan had two full blown meltdowns over the weekend, and both Jim and I realized that we haven’t had any since early March.  The ONLY difference?  His wheat consumption.  Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to rectify, and I rather expect that our more mild mannered young man will be back with us soon as we are being much more strict about food consumption.  It’s much easier to do now, since I NEVER need to see another meltdown like those we had this weekend.  :\

Lots going on here…more soon, I promise.  With the girls here, things are a bit chaotic trying to keep track of all the schedules, finish up school for the boys, and manage the clutter that comes when college kids move home for the summer.  Emily heads back to Pullman in the next 10 days or so for summer school, and Tori heads back at the end of July, so (sadly) the chaos and clutter is short-lived.