Sunday, April 10, 2011

home again

Warning!  Grumble ahead…

I am back from Moms Weekend with my girl.  THAT was fun.  Mostly.  The time with her was awesome…it was some of the rest of it I could do without.  I wish I could say I am glad to be home.  Frankly, I’m not.  I’d rather be gone a few more days.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and don’t enjoy the ‘throw Mom under the bus’ approach that comes on my return:  “Mom!  Watch this.”  “Momma.  I need __________.”  “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?  I’m starving!”  “Mom, I got marker all over my shirt and my pants.  Can you get it out?”  None of it is bad or even hard, but to be hit with 150 requests as soon as I walk in the door, all of them from people who need things RIGHT NOW makes me want to run screaming for the hills.  Especially since Dad, who was here all weekend, is perfectly capable of handling things.  :\

See?  Told you I was grumbly.  I’m going to find a good book and go read.  Tomorrow WILL be better.    But there won’t be any pictures from my trip.  I didn’t take a single one.  Em and I took a lovely drive, but instead of taking pictures we talked.  And just enjoyed the scenery.

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