Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bronc-ver? Beav-os??

When you live in a house with an Oregon State University Beaver alum (Daddy), a Boise State University Bronco (Brent), a University of Washington Husky (Hailey), and a Washington State University Cougar (Emily), choosing a school to support can get a bit tricky.  Logan’s figured out a way around the problem—stick with the guys.  He’s got the male side of the house covered.  Oregon State University colors are orange and black.  Boise State University colors are orange and blue.   His new shoes?  Yep.  Check them out:


Pretty cool, huh?  I’m just not sure shoes that are purple, gold, crimson, and grey would be very attractive.  Good thing he’s not interested in choosing shoes in the colors of the girls’ schools, I guess. 


Computer viruses are no fun.  We picked one up on Thursday afternoon…fortunately, we managed to clean the computer and restore it to health.  But because it was out of commission until today, I couldn’t post yesterday.  :(

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