Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27

Sitting at Starbucks tonight having tea with a friend, I was having a hard time believing that it is really the 27th of April.  How many times in SEATTLE does snow fall on April 27???   Yes, I was watching snow fall.  I can’t believe it.  I’m tired of being cold and wet!!

25 years ago today, a very young man asked an even younger girl to marry him.  She said yes, and they started planning a wedding.  Just over 4 months later, they said their “I do” and began a new life together.  Now he’s old and she’s not quite as young, and while they don’t specifically celebrate the date of their engagement, it is a day of celebration in their home.

You see, on April 27, 1989, the third anniversary of their engagement, a baby boy was born to them.  Weighing in at over 9 pounds, he was everything they dreamed of.  That baby boy grew and grew (and GREW!) to become a wonderful young man.  Brent, we are so proud of you!!   We wish you a very happy birthday, and a year filled with unexpected blessings.  May it be a much happier year than the past one.  :)

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