Wednesday, April 20, 2011

how’s that fair?

Yesterday Jim got older.  And I discovered that I must be getting  senile.  At least temporarily…

It started when I got out of bed.  I’d spent part of the night feeling like I’d been hit with the stomach flu, so I definitely wasn’t at my best to start the day.  I tried to make his coffee and his lunch (like I do every day) but it didn’t go well.  I forgot to close the coffee maker, so the coffee didn’t drip into the pot.  I didn’t close the thermos correctly, and I spilled raisins all over the floor.  After I was done and the messes were cleaned up, I woke Tori and told her I didn't feel well, that I was heading back to bed.  Great, right?  Yeah.  Not so much.  I was almost immediately joined by two little boys who wanted to ‘snuggle.’  Normally I don’t mind—actually, normally it doesn’t happen because I’ve already showered before they get up!—but yesterday their squabbling and wiggling started to make me crazy.  Once we finally started the day, it went downhill very fast.  I

  • gave the boys breakfast, but forgot to hand them spoons for their cereal
  • tried to complete our school day, but had trouble focusing
  • went grocery and birthday shopping (needed to be done!) and forgot several key things like carrots and asparagus (for the birthday dinner!), gum for the girl who asked so nicely, and checking the price on something Jim had asked about.  More than once.  I DID remember the birthday presents though.
  • tried to make the birthday dessert and had to start over because I couldn’t follow directions
  • finished the dishes after dinner but forgot to turn on the very full dishwasher

That’s just a start to my senile day!  Fortunately, today is much improved already.  I feel about 1000% better and am looking forward to a delightful day.  The things I missed yesterday in my temporary senility are not critical and can be taken care of today.  And I am eagerly anticipating a nice evening out, combining some things I need to do with time for myself, doing some things I want to do.  Perfect!

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