Friday, April 15, 2011

baskets, bike rides, and bubble wrap

The rain continues here, although it has slowed to a constant drizzle, thankfully.  I think.  At some level, rain is rain.  :(

The day started out with a bit of a tussle.  Friday is laundry day, and the dynamic duo decided they needed to sit in the laundry basket.  After a few cross words, one went upstairs and brought down the second basket…and voila!  instant happiness.  See?


Then, to burn off some of the excess energy from being cooped up for far too long, we loaded the bikes into the car and headed for the trail near the house.  The boys had a ball, and I learned some things.  One is that when you only weigh 35 pounds, trying to walk a bike with training wheels down a big hill is not as easy as it sounds.  The bike WILL get away from you…very quickly.  And one of the boys learned two new things today:  1) that using your brand new shoes as brakes will make Momma VERY unhappy, and 2) how to use the brakes on the bike.  I wasn’t aware of the fact that he didn’t know!  They had fun anyway…




The trail runs through some fairly large wetlands, and the boys had their first experience with skunk cabbage.  It’s in full bloom, and you DEFINITELY notice it.  :)  Good thing it’s interesting to look at…


When we got home there was a package on the front porch.  Not particularly exciting for the boys, but they sure got jazzed about the bubble wrap!  Three sheets…one for each of us.  Perfect to pop while waiting for lunch.


Baskets, bike rides, and bubble wrap?  Beats blue Friday hands down!

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  1. LOVE the bubble popping in baskets photo. What fun!