Monday, August 23, 2010


Big day today.  School went far better than even my wildest imaginings.  They were both attentive and fully engaged, and SO excited to get started.  We managed to accomplish everything on the ‘to do’ list for today, and most of the assignments for tomorrow as well.  Because they were so excited, we moved right through, finishing Bible, history, geography, reading, math, penmanship, science, and PE in about 90 minutes.  Blew me away!

The ‘big’ thing today, though, was basketball.  Jim lowered the hoop on our garage to a height more appropriate for nearly 6 year olds.  It’s now at 8 feet.  Ryan was amazing.  He shot the eyes out of the hoop!  This afternoon as they shot I took pictures.  Tonight, I simply counted.  I told Jim and Brent earlier that I figured Ryan was hitting 25% of his shots, not bad for 5 1/2.  How wrong I was!  Tonight, I actually counted every shot.  He hit a mind-blowing 43 out of 100!!!  The child is 5 years old!  I am still just shaking my head over it.

After shooting hoops, they cooled off in the sprinkler.  All in all, it was a pretty incredible day.  Enjoy the pictures!



Nothing but net…DSC_0232

And then, time to cool off:





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