Thursday, August 5, 2010

more vacation pics

On Tuesday night of vacation, there is a cribbage tournament.  Many of the teams dress up in costume (mostly the teens, but some of the adults too).  This is the first year Ryan and Logan have been able to come—it lasts WAY past their bedtime!—and they got into the spirit of the tourney in their ‘gangsta’ outfits.

Their caps are made from glow sticks, which had everyone quite envious.  The boys LOVED wearing them back to the trailer about 10:30 at night—they’re cool in the dark!

gangsta 2

gangsta 3

gangsta 4

gangsta 7

gangsta 8

gangsta 10

gangsta 11

gangsta 12

Oh, and Ryan teamed up with sis Victoria to play this year too.  Not bad for 5 years old.  Maybe next year they’ll win the whole thing.

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