Saturday, August 28, 2010

two months

You’d think that it would be hard to see huge differences in the way things look in only 2 months.  In most things I’d say that’s true.  But in farm country?  No way!  I was in Pullman June 16-18, then again on August 15-16.  Check out the difference!

Although these are not the same place, they give you an idea of the changes

pullman drive 2


These two are taken at a similar location…I was closer in June, but it’s the same road.

pullman drive house


And I LOVE these!  It will be fun to head out in winter and in spring to see what a year looks like.  I’d love to frame these…

pullman drive old buildings



  1. Very cool pics! You should definitely do a seasonal series of that last picture. Love it!

  2. They are my favorites! I'm headed to Pullman in November (or so it looks at this point) so winter is covered... I know exactly what I want the frame to look like, too! Can't wait until they're all 4 done. :)