Tuesday, August 31, 2010



July 25 to 31 061

is Logan.  Also known as ‘The Child of a Million Questions.’

Most days it’s not a problem.  I honestly don’t mind answering questions, especially good ones.  Questions like “Where does butter come from?” and “How does this work?”  or “Why is the red car dripping oil today?” might tax my abilities as a teacher, but most of that type of question I can either answer myself or we can look up on the computer.  It’s the other questions that send me over the edge!

Questions like “Why is it 9:00?” and “Why is that there"?” and “Why is the toaster white?”  are fine, but when asked repeatedly over a single day make me want to find the nearest lake to jump into!  They don’t really have answers  I mean…how exactly do you answer the “Why is it 9:00?” question???  Ummm…because it is, Logan.  Unfortunately, that answer doesn’t seem to satisfy him, and he repeats and repeats and repeats the question until I tell him to go away.  I have tried probing to see what he REALLY wants to know, but after doing this with him for just over 2 years, I am becoming convinced that he really, TRULY seems to think he needs to know WHY it is 9:00.   We’ve tried teaching him to tell time.  We’ve worked on the concept of time and it’s passage and how it is measured.  None of that stays. But the question?  About 100 times a day?  Enough to drive a sane woman mad, I tell you!

Then there’s the other questions.  The ones that are just simply annoyingly curious.  Not because he’s dying to learn something new, but asked because he wants to be involved personally in every single aspect of life.  “Who was that?”  “What did she say?”  “Why did she call?”  “Who are you texting?”  “Why?  What are you talking about?”  “What are you thinkin’ ‘bout?” (I hear that question about 25 times an hour!!)  And the most frequently asked question here?  “What time is it?”  Logan now knows that the only answer he will generally receive to that question is, “I don’t know, Logan.  What time IS it??” 

Most days, it’s not a problem, only a minor annoyance.  Today, however, my question-master has been out of bed just over an hour and I’ve already answered what feels like about 2000 questions.  And that’s BEFORE we start school!  It’s gonna be a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG day……


  1. I'd get him a digital watch and tell him that he is simply not allowed to ask what time it is any more.

    As for "why" is it 9:00? Have you ever asked him to tell you why it is 9:00? (I'm sure you have.) I'm stumped on that one.

  2. He's broken 3 digital watches so far... I'm not getting him any more! He knows to go look on one of the clocks in the house. Sometimes I think he just likes to hear his own voice. :)

  3. I had a laugh at his nosiness..."what are you thinking?" That's funny!