Tuesday, August 10, 2010

roll call time

Okay, everybody…c’mon out!  I know you’re there and read this blog, but who are you??  There are people who read this all over the US and the world!  (Blows my mind…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

I’d love to know who you are!  Some of you I recognize, but many of you I don’t.  Leave a brief comment telling me where you hail from and what brings you here.  We’d love to know more about you!   :)

Thanks!  Can’t wait to ‘meet’ y’all!!


  1. Hey Kassebaum Fam!

    We hail from Omaha, NE. We met in China. When are you guys coming thru Nebraska? We miss your wondeful family!!!

  2. Hi Kari! We talk about you lots here and check your blog faithfully. We all think Noah is too cute for words and can't wait to meet him. Omaha? Maybe next summer. We have a retirement party we desperately want to attend in Minot ND. WE hope we can pull it off! The boys are great travelers so that part's easy. It's the scheduling that's harder.

  3. I follow along, but mostly lurk. I picked up my daughter "A" shortly after you traveled to China and we were briefly in touch due to the PHF connection. I enjoy your blog!

  4. I'm so glad you're here. :) Thanks for leaving a note.

  5. Hey Jennifer!
    It's Sam in Ohio. Yes, I'm still alive. Sort of... The kids start school in one week!!!! Maybe I will blog again??????

    Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

  6. Hi Sam! Glad to know you are still alive. :) I am looking forward to you blogging again.

  7. Hi Jennifer!
    I´m from Sweden and come here to see what´s going on with your little Logan since he and our Theo were friends at PHF.


  8. Yay! Hi Helen! Email me your address and I'll send you a copy of the CD we got when we adopted Logan. I know your Theo is in some of the pictures and I want you to have them. My email is jennkass@aol.com

  9. Love reading your blog. I don't "login" or anything, just reading it :)
    Lia, Renton WA