Friday, August 13, 2010


Ryan’s changed a bit over the years.  Yesterday I needed a picture of him when he was very little and I got to flipping through all our old pics.  Check out how much he’s grown!

Then. His referral picture:

Yang Fu Tao

And his original visa picture.  Note the seriously furrowed brow.

Yang Fu Tao visa cropped

And now, age 5…

July 25 to 31 047

With a few stops in between!

Adoption day

2nd group of baby pictures 003

And once we got home

November 2005 011

After we’d been home 6 months (He can still wear the swim trunks he has on in the third picture!!)

may 06 005

orange shirt


At 2, wearing the outfit he had on the day we got him!

Nashville 039

At 3, having a nap with his new brother


At 4

 playing around 019


What a joy to have this child as part of our lives.  Hard to believe, but it’s already time for kindergarten!!

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  1. I did not remember that Ryan had those chubby baby cheeks! Gives me hope that Holly will grow into hers.

    Ryan has changed a LOT - and in every picture he is so stinking cute!