Thursday, December 9, 2010

some lessons don’t fade

(Or, never underestimate the power of candy…)

December 2008.  Logan’s been with us about 6 months and has recently turned 4.  Ryan’s still 3.  Logan’s command of English isn’t great due to his speech issues and Ryan is painfully shy.  We stop at Cash and Carry to pick up some coffee syrups on our way past.  When we get to the counter to check out, the checker offers the boys candy canes.  They smile and hold out their hands.  When reminded to say ‘thank you’ they both refuse—Ryan out of his timidity; Logan out of sheer stubbornness and refusal to allow us to ‘tell him what to do.’  I take the candy canes, place them back on the counter, and thank the man but let him know that if the boys aren’t able to be gracious, they may not have candy.  We leave dumbfounded clerks and customers behind, taking tearful boys with us.

Fast forward 2 years.  This afternoon I took the boys and the darling extra girl who is with us on Wednesdays and Thursdays to Cash and Carry.  As we’re driving up, Ryan says “If they want to give us a candy cane, we HAVE to say ‘thank you’ or Mommy will give them back.”   Logan immediately pipes up and says “Saying ‘yes please’ would be very nice don’t you think?  We should say that too!”

Wow.  That lesson apparently worked.  :)

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  1. Oh that is so funny! I can't believe they remember that from 2008. LOL!