Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Do you know what kind of mess it makes in your kitchen when the garbage disposal (full, of course, and running) decides that it doesn’t like hanging out under the sink so it just drops to the bottom of the cabinet???  With the water running.  Ugh.  Apple cores and meatloaf and squash guts everywhere.  Disposal water in my dishwasher detergent.  In the garbage bags.  In the cleaning supplies.  EVERYWHERE! 

yuck.  Yuck.  YUCK.  What a mess!  Fortunately, Jim has a plumber’s hat, so he put it on tonight.  Mess is cleaned up and disposal is back where it belongs.  Dishes are in the dishwasher.  Floor is scrubbed.  Again.  (I cleaned it yesterday, of course.)  Washing machine full of nasty grimy towels is running.

Guess I can be grateful it waited ‘til Jim was home, huh?   And that I don’t need ANOTHER new disposal.  This one is only about 9 months old.   Even icky clouds have silver linings.  :)

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