Friday, December 17, 2010

bonus time!

Earlier this week, this young lady


came and spent the night.  Her momma needed a place for her overnight since her sister was very ill, so she came here.  We loved having her, and I was very impressed—she slept ALL night in a strange place!  Wow!! None of mine would have ever done that.  Heck…some of mine still don’t sleep all night, even in their own beds, and they’re much older than 12 months!

More morning bath cuteness



My little guys were in heaven!  They adore having babies around and had a wonderful time ‘playing’ with her.  They loved watching her bath—were fascinated by the fact that she was in the kitchen sink!—and were very sad when she went back home.

Although I don’t want your sister to be ill, you are welcome here any time, sweet girl!


  1. Good gracious, she looks the same size as my baby sitting in that sink, except my baby is half her age!

    Very cute!

  2. LOL! I don't think that she's as big as Holly. Miss R is about 15 pounds at almost 13 months...but she's nearly tripled her birth weight. She's a twin, and her momma is tiny too. Her daddy's not very big either.