Monday, December 20, 2010

a lightbulb moment

I have a child who LOVES to help.  He carries things for me and works alongside me willingly.  He runs upstairs or outside to fetch things without grumbling. He tries very hard to anticipate my every need.  He gets things out of cupboards and drawers to bring them to me before I ask.  Sometimes it’s irritating.   Today I snapped at him.  As soon as  I shut my mouth, I had this flash of insight:

Most women would give just about anything to have a husband who anticipates their every need and helps out willingly and cheerfully.  This child will be a wife’s dream come true when he’s old enough.

And I’m slowly destroying that very characteristic with my actions and my words.  What on earth is wrong with me???  

Time for an attitude adjustment, I guess.

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