Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At the breakfast table this morning.  I’m not sure what started the conversation, but this is where I picked it up…

Thing 1:  No, you DON’T know everything

Thing 2:  Yes I do!

Thing 1:  No you don’t.

Thing 2: I do!  (complete with a smack on the table…)

Thing 1:  Okay, fine.  Prove it.  What’s 5 + 5?

Thing 2: (triumphantly)  100!

Thing 1: (with a heavy sigh) No it’s not.  It’s 10.  I TOLD you that you didn’t know everything.

It was VERY hard to listen with a straight face.


Having suckers at the last volleyball tournament of the seasonDSC_0050


This is the same twosome that pitched a MAJOR fit on Friday when I told them that their sister was at a basektball game.  The immediate question?  “How come SHE gets to go watch and we don’t?  We had to go to ALL that volleyball just to get to basketball season and now you don’t take us?  Why??”  They were truly indignant.  After promising them that they could go to basketball this Friday, they cheered up.  Mostly.  Now they ask me EVERY morning if it’s time for basketball yet.  They can’t wait to go sit in the gym, watch the games, and help out in the concessions stand.   It’s a good thing we love high school basketball at our house!  :)

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