Friday, December 3, 2010

God’s favorite, again! :)

A couple of nights ago, we had a conversation at the dinner table about Christmas.  We talked about how the gifts have become a focus for the little guys, and how little they really need.  We decided that we’d like to start a new tradition, giving them ‘experiences’ to share instead.  Ryan LOVES basketball, so I spent some time trying to find tickets to something he and Daddy could do together.  Husky tickets are expensive, I discovered!  And the Harlem Globetrotters are coming to our area in February, but we weren’t sure whether Logan would enjoy it as well, and I’d love to go along.  Leaving Logan home with a sitter doesn’t seem right, so I hadn’t pursued it any further.

Tonight, we were surprised by a text from some friends.  Avid UW Husky fans, they have season tickets to both football and basketball.  They aren’t able to go to the basketball game tomorrow afternoon and wanted to know if we could use their tickets!  Needless to say, we jumped on that.  Unbeknownst to him, Ryan will have a HUGE afternoon tomorrow.  He and Jim will head up to UW to watch the Husky men take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders. 

Once again, I am singing the “I am God’s favorite!” song.  How incredible!  Even little things—like tickets to basketball games—are not too hard or too inconsequential for Him.  With hearts full of rejoicing, I will send my twosome off to basketball.

Then I’m gonna work on coming up with a special ‘experience’ to share with Logan.   How will we see His blessing in that??

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