Tuesday, December 21, 2010

bah humbug :\

Yeah, it’s a grumbly post.  Feel free to pass it up.  At least, consider yourself warned.  :)


Nothing on the calendar today.  That’s a good thing!  After all, I have some hats and mittens that need attention if they’re going to be ready for Christmas.  I am finding that it’s very hard to sew for the boys when they’re around.  (Not sure why I thought I’d be able to, quite frankly.  But that’s a whole other issue!)  Then there’s the whole “I need to get one more thing for her, and something for him, and oh!  I need to pick up something at that store for him and them.”  I HATE shopping! I knew there was a reason I usually swallow hard and do this all in a single weekend in late October or early November.  Now, because things were messed up this fall, I’m STILL trying to tie up the loose ends.  Ugh.  Next year?  It’s back to the power shopping weekend for me, for sure. 

Then there’s the actual celebration.  Who will be here, exactly?  Not sure.  How many am I feeding for Christmas dinner?  No idea!  Not exactly my idea of fun:  “Here, prep a meal for somewhere between 18 and 25 people.  Actually…it will probably be more than one meal.  And some/most of the guests might want/need to stay with you too.  Haven’t decided yet.  We should be able to let you know in time, but be prepared in case we just show up.”  Uh…sure.  Or not.  I am NOT Superwoman!!  (Yes, it’s the dysfunctional member of the extended family.  Makes me crazy.)

I’ve been hoping to get in a lunch with an old friend this week too, but between Christmas and the difficulty scheduling, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I’m bummed—been looking forward to it for some time—but I understand.  I’m still disappointed though…

Sounds like it’s time to turn on some good Christmas music, spend some time adjusting my focus, and getting prepared for the rest of the week.  It WILL be good…no matter what happens, what gets finished, or who comes (or doesn’t!).  Brent comes home on Thursday to spend Christmas here.  It will be the first Christmas with him at home since 2006!   He’s staying until Monday…and I can’t wait!     

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