Friday, December 10, 2010

it’s that time of year again

Ahhh…December.  Time for wintry weather, Christmas carols, and the delicious treats from the kitchen.  And, if you live at our house… number 1  

…it’s time for gallons and gallons and gallons of chili to be made!  High school basketball and the concessions stand are a significant part of our winters.

We love high school basketball here.  This is Hailey’s team her senior year, winning the state title at their classification (1A).  SO very fun to watch!!  Last year was the first year since 1996 we haven’t had a basketball player, but Emily was a cheerleader so we had ‘a reason’ to go watch.  This year?  Nope.  No players.  No cheerleaders.  But we’re not—I’M not—ready to leave it behind just yet.  So once again, I am helping in the concessions stand.  We sell hot dogs, chili dogs, baked potatoes (with or without chili) and chili by the bowl.  The little guys (who LOVE being in the kitchen at school!) and I help out as a labor of love for the girls and boys who play, and for my dear friend Ann who runs the concession stand.  In an average basketball season, I make about 15 gallons of chili.  This year, we’re trying something new and selling clam chowder too.

Back to my kitchen…the chili calls—first game of the season is tonight!!  There’s nothing quite like Christmas carols in the background and chili bubbling on the stove.  :)

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