Thursday, February 10, 2011


I just finished an orthodontic consult for Logan.  The orthodontist is part of his craniofacial team, and she does her consults on the phone.  I am SO thrilled!! This little guy, the one who has had the deck stacked against him in nearly every other area, has a relatively simple cleft mouth.  His orthodontics will be easy and straightforward!  No palate expansion.  No extensive surgeries.  No complicated procedures.  Only simple things.  And even funnier?  They are all things that we are experienced with!  He’ll have a lingual arch once his bottom teeth come in, just like I wore in elementary school.  He’ll need a bone graft, of course, but she thinks it should be simple and successful because his tooth buds are all in the right places and forming well.  Then he’ll wear braces on top for a bit with his lingual arch.  After some time without braces, he’ll go back to braces both top and bottom.  His course of treatment sounds just like mine (back in the dark ages…)  Some of the issues concerning the orthodontist are things we’ve worked through with our daughter, and the craniofacial orthodontist will consult with ours here in town. 

She does think there’s a possibility he may need surgery on his upper jaw before he gets his braces for the second time, but she emphasized that it’s far too early to know that for sure. 

Overall, I am thrilled!!  For Logan, it’s an incredible blessing.  We are definitely rejoicing today.

(I have some fascinating pictures of the inside of Logan’s mouth, but I’m assuming that no one wants to see them.  :)  )

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