Saturday, February 12, 2011


5 teeth lost, that is!  Ryan lost another tooth on Thursday…his 5th in just over 10 months.  Turns out the little guys are on opposite ends of the ‘dental age’ spectrum, with Logan having a dental age of barely 5 and Ryan having a dental age of somewhere about 7.  He’s definitely ahead of all his siblings here—one of the big guys didn’t even lose a first tooth until 7 1/2!

Sorry the pictures are a bit goofy—it’s hard to take good pictures up close enough to see the holes in their mouths, but Ryan really wanted his big brother and sisters to see his new mouth.

This picture shows the hole in the top… DSC_0097

And this one shows all 5 teeth he’s lost.  Too bad he looks so goofy!  DSC_0098

Oh!  And this child just blew me away yesterday while working on his math.  The page had a sequence of numbers, followed by several spaces.  He needed to determine the pattern and fill  in the blanks.  Here’s one pattern:

5, 8, 11, _____, ______,  ______,

and the other:

7, 10, 13, _______,  ________,  _______.

He took one look at it and started filling in the blanks, even before I read him the instructions!  He can count by 3’s, but to grasp that this was by 3’s, to do it in his head?  Without thinking about it much?  Ummm…yeah.  Gonna keep me on my toes.  He’s blowing through the first grade math we’ve got.  2nd grade math?  Bring it on!

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