Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, we had our first instance of trouble at school today.  The boys attend a once a week program at church, in a mixed pre-K/K class.  They love it, and their teacher is wonderful.  Tuesday is probably their favorite day of the week, for that reason.

Today things didn’t go so well.  Mrs. K, their teacher, has rotating help each week, and one gal this week had an issue with Logan.  In the gym, he was doing something he shouldn’t have (no quibble there!) and didn’t respond when she called his name.  When she finally got his attention (by repeatedly calling him) he was surprised and a bit frustrated that she was upset with him.  It escalated from there, and he ended up in time-out, in tears.

He and I spent some time talking when we got home.  He recognizes that what he did was unacceptable and could tell me why it was wrong.  I’m actually not concerned about seeing a repeat in his behavior.  However, I am a bit saddened by the way it was handled.  Here’s a child with a moderately severe hearing loss, playing with yelling, screaming children in a severely acoustically challenged gym.  Instead of walking over to touch his arm and get his attention, the helper continued to call his name.  When he finally saw that someone was calling him (did he EVER hear her?  It’s a very difficult environment for him, hearing wise), he knew he was in BIG trouble.  For not responding. 

I’ll talk to the staff this afternoon and ask that they physically seek his attention in that type of situation in the future.  I’m disappointed that things got to the point of tears, but it’s a live-and-learn type thing.  Hopefully, with some additional input, we can avoid this in the future.

So…is that enough?  Or do I need to be more ‘mean mom” about it?


  1. Considering the boys have been attending for how long and this is the first time he got in trouble? And with how it was handled...Yeah. If he didn't respond the first time, she should of walked over to get his attention. I even do that with my own kids and they don't have the hearing issues that Logan has.

    I could see how this would be frustrating...I hope it doesn't ruin his excitement for Tuesdays.

  2. I try to be very willing to over look a first error. Some times even a second one if the first one happened a long time ago. If you educate them about how to deal with his special circumstances, and they repeat? Then I would be concerned.