Thursday, October 8, 2009


Life's busy these days...not much time to think about what's next, and no time at all to sit down and write about it. But in a nutshell, here's our life:

more volleyball
more therapy

Throw in an occasional appointment here or there, some grocery shopping and laundry and you've got my average week. But it's still fun, and sometimes we get to try something new. This week we had volleyball Monday and Wednesday. Both Emily (varsity) and Victoria (JV) are still undefeated, and we made reservations for a hotel for the state tournament. Can't wait--hopefully Em will get to play. Only a few more weeks of regular season play, then we move on to post season. If they come out on top at the league tournament, they are guaranteed a spot at state. Since they've beaten every team in the league already--some twice--we're thinking it might really truly happen this year. Fun times!

This morning after therapy we headed to UW to pick up Hailey. Her big day arrived, and she's now sporting some extra metal on her teeth. Yep, at 18 she's finally getting her braces on! She's a trooper and this shouldn't be more than just a minor thing for her. We'll see. It does mean that we'll see her once a month for a while. We like that! :)

Tomorrow's sort of calm and quiet. A trip to the store for tournament food, making dinner for some friends, and packing for Saturday are all on the list. Maybe I should add "take a nap" to combat the CRAZY day on Saturday...

Here's the deal: Victoria has a tournament 65 miles south of home. She has to be IN THE GYM at 7AM. That means we (me, Ryan, Logan, Tori, and the other 3 girls riding with us) need to leave our house at 5:45AM. Complete with all the gear and food needed for an all day tournament. Uh huh. Like that's easy. But wait! There's more! Emily has SATs in the morning. She has to be out the door by 7AM. Jim has a class Saturday morning from 8-noon. When Em's done with her SATs, she'll zip over to my parents house so they can take her to her volleyball tournament, about 25 miles north of home. She has her first match at 2pm. Jim will meet her there and watch her play at 2, 3:30, 5, and 6:30. They should be home around 8:30. Hopefully by then Victoria's tournament will be done and we'll be home, although her last match is scheduled for 5:30. It's going to be a very long day.

About now, a day of rest on Sunday sounds heavenly!

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