Saturday, October 17, 2009


Optimizing literacy in children with hearing loss.

That's what I spent my day learning about. Although the literacy statistics for children with hearing loss are sobering, I realized today that many--or most--of the things that we've done at home with our others are, in fact, the right things for Logan. A few minor shifts, like allowing him more time to develop language before teaching him to read, and using some visual cues with the phonics instruction, and we're good to go. As a matter of fact, homeschooling Logan and Ryan is probably the BEST way to insure that our hard of hearing child is successful. After spending many months contemplating homeschooling for next year, it seems that the decision is now mostly made. I'll have to adapt my approach to kindergarten and adjust our expectations to better match Logan's needs, but all in all, we're excited about doing what's best for him.

While I was gone all day at the Optimizing Literacy workshop, Jim held down the fort at home. I'm counting my blessings--HE got to deal with the tolo dates this year. Again! Last year the boys and I were in Chicago and missed the big night. Tori asked a friend to go with her and since she doesn't drive, Jim and the boys got to play chauffer. The theme for tolo (similar to Sadie Hawkins) this year was "Beauty and the Geek" hence the outfits.

Hailey was home today, and she and Emily decided to model their cheer uniforms. I'm impressed--Hailey was on cheer in the 7th grade! She's now a college freshman. Taller but apparently not any bigger around....

And I am still not cut out to be a cheer mom!

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