Thursday, October 15, 2009

How's your world?

A friend asked me that this week. Honestly, my initial response wasn't very positive. Everything I came up with was negative. But that's not really how it is in my world. Instead of answering right away, I took some time to think about the good things that are happening so that my focus stays right.

Some days around here aren't pretty. No denying that. But most days are more like yesterday--a mix of good and bad. Yesterday was awesome in some ways: the boys played together well; we got some projects done around the house; and Emily played a spectacular volleyball match last night that was great fun to watch. Even the stuff that was irritating yesterday is funny today. For example: I moved Hailey's bed to Logan's room since Brent's moving home this weekend (for 6 weeks). He's too tall sleep in Hailey's bed with a footboard, but Logan only had the headboard from my childhood on his bed. So I took Hailey's bed apart and decided that I might as well wash all the bedding at the same time. Threw the laundry in the machine, then took Logan's bed apart. Moved Logan's bed to Hailey's room and Hailey's bed to Logan's room. Reassembled both beds, then put Logan's back together with sheets/blankets/pillows/stuffed animals. Finished the laundry, fed the boys, then took my "bonus girl" (I do daycare on Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays) and the clean bedding up to Hailey's room Made the bed and put the little one down for a nap. She slept, I cleaned the kitchen, and the boys did puzzles for quiet time. About 3:15, I got her up from her nap...and stripped the bed. Then I stripped and bathed the child and started another load of laundry. Made some quick sandwich dinners for volleyball, got the little one off with her mom, and dashed up to school to watch Victoria find out that the other team had canceled but forgotten to let our team know! Many of my days seem to go like that, with one thing planned and something totally different as the reality. By the time I got to volleyball, had a chance to catch my breath, and processed the afternoon, there were two options: laugh or cry. But why cry? My washer works. The bedding is now extra-clean. Everyone is healthy and happy. We have a warm house and enough to eat. Anything else is a bonus.

Knowing that, how's my world? Well, how about:

Crazy (both good-crazy and bad-crazy)
Challenging (again, both good and bad)

but overall, pretty good!

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