Monday, June 21, 2010

when I need a ‘real’ job

Maybe I’ll go to work as a master scheduler.  Heaven knows I have plenty of practice these days.  Try juggling this:


  • Emily needs to leave for work at 7:40 am (can drive self)
  • Victoria has a behind the wheel session—leaves at 11:40am, picked up at 1pm (Mom will drive)
  • Emily, Victoria, Logan, Ryan—dentist appointments, need to leave at 2:30 (Mom will drive)
  • Hailey needs to leave for work at 3:10 (will drive self but will need to drop car for Emily after work and need to be picked up from there)
  • Emily needs to be dropped at small group function after dentist (but needs car to return home)


  • Logan has speech at 9:15am, needs to leave home at 8:45.  Speech is over at 9:50, then a Costco run is a necessity.  Will stop on my way home.  I think. 
  • Emily needs to leave for work at 12:30 (needs ride since Hailey works too and no one can pick her up after work)
  • Hailey needs to leave for work at 2:10 (will drive girls’ car)
  • Victoria has outdoor volleyball on Mercer Island; my night to drive carpool.  Leave at 5:15pm and take dinner, 2 volleyball players, 2 preschoolers, chairs, blankets, and camera.  Hopefully no winter clothing will be needed this week!
  • Emily needs to be picked up from work just after 5:00pm.  Jim will pick her up on his way home from work—I will be on my way to volleyball.
  • Jim has haircut at 7pm.  Fortunately, he can take care of himself.

That’s as far ahead in the week as I’ve been able to stomach looking at right now—I’ll deal with the rest of the week tomorrow.  Every week this summer looks something like this!  Fun, huh?  I’ve gotten REALLY good at juggling though.  Someday the skill just might come in handy.


  1. Oh wow! What a schedule! I'm tired FOR you! :)

  2. Makes me tired thinking about it. Fortunately, tomorrow is OPEN. Like totally open! I CANNOT wait!!