Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emily’s graduation

Emily graduated from high school last Sunday, and today we hosted an open house. What fun to have her friends here, laughing and talking inside…outside…and everywhere!

One of Hailey’s friends had a fantastic opportunity to take pictures today at Pacific Raceway, so she’s got my camera for the evening. I got some pics of our day before she and the camera left and will post them once the camera is back home.

Life continues to be crazy busy. This week the oven died and the garbage disposal started leaking. Last week? The brakes on the Suburban, Ryan’s dress pants (hole in the knee) and my good shoes (lost a heel). So many things, both little and big, have gone on the fritz around here that I just have to laugh. I certainly hope that this coming week will be just a touch less eventful. It’s already a bit packed: volleyball camp all week for Tori; first outdoor volleyball match on Tuesday; Mom and Emily to Pullman Wednesday to Friday; homeschool curriculum convention Saturday. Not much wiggle room. Given the way the last few weeks have gone, we’re praying that nothing breaks, leaks, or otherwise falls apart!

Enjoy the sunshine! Isn’t it great to be able to be outside?? My garden is SO much happier today—far fewer weeds. And the sun brought a major bonus today: 5 fresh raspberries! Yum. Strawberries are turning pink and there are more raspberries on the way. The peaches are getting big and we’ll have a bumper crop of apples and blueberries. Now, if the sun would just stick around…


  1. Congrats to Emily! I can't wait to see pics! And wow... what a great crop of fruit you have grown. I love fresh fruit in the summer!

  2. Congrats to Emily!!! As for everything falling apart or going crazy, my theory is it is God's way of getting our attention and slowing us down. Not a nice way of doing it, but sometimes we are kind of dense! Enjoy your crops!!!