Thursday, June 17, 2010

big city girl no more??

I am a big city girl.  Born in the San Francisco Bay area, my parents moved to the Seattle area before my first birthday.  City—or at least suburban—life is the only thing I’ve ever known.  Jim is a country boy, growing up on 12 acres outside a small town in Oregon.  One of the few points of contention in our marriage has been his desire to live away—FAR away—from the big city.  I’ve always hated the thought.  I’m ready to throw in the towel though… 

My mom is from a small town.  My dad grew up on a dairy farm.  My husband grew up on a filbert orchard.  Several of my good friends grew up on vineyards, orchards, or wheat farms.  I have friends now who live on farms and in little tiny towns.  The odds are definitely stacked against me, and finally the thought of small town life is winning me over. Too many people in the big city for me any more. Spending time in Pullman (population 27,000) has been fun.  Even more, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time just driving in the countryside among the wheatfields and through the little tiny towns.  SO incredibly gorgeous!!  Even in bad (or at least less than pleasant) weather.  

I explored a pretty county park today.  Took a hike just before the rain hit.  The view was pretty and the little flowers were beautiful:

DSC_0089 DSC_0094 DSC_0087



Although it’s hard to drive and take pictures, I did find some places to pull over in the rain.  It’s actually not hard when there are no other cars on the road.  :)  I love old barns so took lots of pictures of them.  They always remind me of growing up when we would go to ‘the ranch,’ the property my great grandparents homesteaded in the Lincoln Creek valley, and play in the old barn.  Even when I was lost this morning, I found lots of treasures.

DSC_0084 redo

DSC_0086 redo

DSC_0102 redo

DSC_0104 redo

DSC_0106 redo

DSC_0108 redo

DSC_0110 redo

DSC_0111 redo

DSC_0114 redo

And yes, I know that not all of those pictures are barns!  :)    I think, though, that of all the pictures I took, this one is my favorite. 

DSC_0109 redo

Gorgeous, huh?

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