Monday, June 14, 2010

tearing my hair out

The conversation this morning after I found Logan upstairs painting the bedroom furniture (fortunately, it was only with water)

Me:  Ummmm Logan?  What are you doing?  (Said without the irritation I was feeling)

Logan: (crying) Mommy…mommy mommy mommy…..

Me:  Yes Logan?  (not in the friendliest voice, but not angry.  Yet.)

Logan:  more sobs and something totally unintelligible

me:  Logan, why are you crying?  Are you crying because you made a bad choice?  (This comes after three conversations yesterday about exercising self control and making good choices)

Logan:  (Still crying)  No.  I’m crying because you caught me!  Will you please leave so I can paint more?

At that point I had to leave the room.  I was trying hard not to laugh and getting quite irritated at the same time.  Teaching him first time obedience is hard—maybe the definition of ‘futility?’  But I can’t give up, so after regaining control we had some discipline: training and correction, and a reminder of the expectation of behavior in accordance with rules of conduct of the house.  Now he’s off to play outside.  Supervised.  In the backyard.  (Mean mom!)

Next time someone sees the bus for the funny farm, please send it this way.  I would happily get on…or put him on it!  My patience is wearing thin

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