Sunday, June 27, 2010

a celebration and a question

(Totally unrelated though.)

The celebration:

This morning when Ryan got up, the FIRST thing he said was, “I DID IT!  Ice cream tonight!!”  You see, Ryan doesn’t sleep well.  He has terrible night terrors and frights.  That’s one reason he has a queen sized bed—so there’s room for Mom on the bad nights.  I spend lots of nights in there.  But not the last 5.  We’ve had a goal for weeks:  sleep all night by yourself for 5 nights and we’ll go out for ice cream.  He’d sleep 2 nights and then have trouble.  Week after week the pattern persisted, but this time he broke through!  We—Ryan, Logan, Emily, Jim, and I—went to Baskin Robbins after dinner for the ultra special ice cream treat.  The next target?  10 consecutive nights.  Progress is good.  :)

The question:

This sign hangs in my children’s bathroom. 


But they don’t even notice any more.  I can’t remember the last time someone actually finished the job and HUNG the toilet paper roll.  Any good ideas on how to reinforce that habit???

See?  I told you they weren’t related at all.  Just typical Sunday night life around here though…

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