Sunday, November 29, 2009

yeah sure

Came home from Portland today. We had a great holiday--visited with friends, met new little people, and enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing time. We even had some time with just Logan, since Ryan headed back to Seattle on Saturday morning with the girls. He got some special time with them; we got some special time with Logan.

When we got here, one of the first things I saw was Brent's shoes sitting just inside the laundry room door. Took them up to 'his' room and it hit me--he's really gone. Boot camp starts Tuesday. I KNOW it will be good for him. I KNOW that he will be fine. But here, surrounded by all his things and by pictures of him, there's a hole. I miss him. It doesn't really matter how 'ready' I am for him to take this step, he's still gone. And I'm sure it will be several weeks before I can make it through an entire week without tears. That's how it was when he left for college, and we could talk and text then. This time--not so much. Hopefully he'll write.... I know I will.

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