Friday, November 6, 2009

fortune cookie meets reality


That's what the fortune in the cookie Brent gave me said. We had a good time as we laughed and joked about where I would be going and what I would do with my newfound fortune. Little did I know that it was about to come true...

No, I didn't win the lottery and I'm not headed off on some fabulous vacation. Or even a semi-fabulous one. But Emily's volleyball team is poised to head to the state tournament! That means a trip across the mountains to Yakima. Been there plenty in March; never in November. Guess it's about time. A single victory tomorrow will seal the deal and I'll soon be traveling! As wonderful as a week on a sunny shore sounds, I"d much prefer a trip to watch my girl play volleyball. Maybe the fortune cookie was right. :)

And the fortune? Well, I feel like we did hit the jackpot. Or at least hold a golden ticket. Last week Logan had a preliminary visit to the sleep clinic at Children's. Craniofacial kids are highly likely to have sleep issues (something like 80% of them do!) and we have some concerns about Logan. He shows some symptoms of mixed apnea (an abnormal breathing pattern), and his daytime behavior reflects it. After talking with his ENT and his craniofacial pediatrician at clinics in September, they suggested that perhaps a sleep study would be a good thing, but that we could decide. Two weeks ago, after reviewing the symptoms again and again, I called. They saw him for his preliminary visit last week like I mentioned, and we scheduled the sleep study for March 30, 2010. Yes, that was the first available appointment! Ugh. Because he's a cranio kid, he was placed on the wait list. Apparently with high priority! Today my phone rang, and Logan will have his sleep study TONIGHT. That feels like a winning ticket to me. If we can get some answers to some of his ongoing issues, that would be incredible and better than anything money can buy.

What are his symptoms? Well, for Logan it wasn't so much the snoring (a typical symptom) as it was the daytime stuff: tired and irritable, mouth breathing, hyperactivity, distractability, and developmental issues. He does snore lightly, but the other big concern is his inability to breathe regularly and evenly. It's noticeable during the day but very clear at night. He simply stops breathing, then after a few seconds (that feel like a lifetime!) he gasps several times the resumes a 'normal' pattern for a bit.

Will the golden ticket lead to the jackpot? I hope so. It would be nice to have an answer for all the little stuff that plagues my guy. If I have to stay overnight in a sleep center for some answers, well, then, let's make it happen! I'm ready. What's everyone waiting for??

PS Can this girl jump or what? Such fun to watch... But hard to take pictures from the top row of the bleachers!

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