Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh no

Last week Ryan ran a fever. Nothing significant, and nothing like his "typical" fever of 104. But he still felt miserable for 36 hours. Once it broke, our chipper little Ryan returned. Apparently, though, it was temporary.

This morning was preschool. I was upstairs in my classroom with my little ones when the director came in and told me that Ryan needed me. It seems that something else is bugging him--he threw up in class! Ugh. SO not fun. Packed up a stinky Ryan and a ticked 0ff Logan and headed home, leaving another gal in charge in my room. Logan says he's fine; Ryan looks fine but acts funny, and we're hanging out here watching a state tournament basketball game from March 2005 on DVD. Ryan's cheering his heart out for Brent, and probably will be surprised at the end when "Brent's team wins again!" Hopefully it was an isolated incident, and no one else gets it.

In the meantime, I get to decide if my minor headache and upset stomach means something or is simply the power of suggestion. ...

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  1. Oh no is right! I hope Ryan feels better soon. Stay well, Jennifer!