Wednesday, November 18, 2009

harnessing an obsession?

Logan is obsessed these days. His new obsession? These...

...especially when used on this.... (fortunately, only HIS old coloring pages, not anything else!)

to make this! These are the BIG shreds, the ones we can pick up easily. Most of his cutting has to be vacuumed up since it's too small to pick up.

His occupational therapist is thrilled because cutting paper is so good for his fine motor skills. Me? Not so much. Or, more accurately, not at all. Vacuuming the itty bitty shreds of paper off the floor for the third time today, it did occur to me that perhaps there is a redeeming value in his obsession. Maybe I should harness it and make it work for me....

Instead of replacing my paper shredder, I could just get a big box, put Logan in it with all the papers I need shredded, and let him cut to his heart's content! The mess would stay contained, I would get rid of the papers I don't need, and he can practice his fine motor skills. Problem solved!


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