Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How do you answer this??

The boys and I have spent some time recently with several families who have new babies. As a result, they've had more questions than normal about babies. That's not a huge surprise. We've had some fun conversations about what babies can and can't do, and they've loved holding little babies. But nothing prepared me for Monday afternoon....

After some little friends who had spent the morning with us went home, Ryan blew my mind with this question:

"Mommy, tell me about my China mommy. What do you know about her?"

HARD! We know nothing about Ryan's biological family. Nothing. So what did I tell him? Well, the truth. I told him that I don't know anything for sure, but that his China mommy was probably not very big, that she is probably very pretty, and that she's probably younger than me. That satisfied him for now, but I know there will be more questions.

In the meantime, today as we drove to Portland, we were regaled with story after story of what the China mommies and China daddies (Ryan's and Logan's) are doing right now since their special little boys live here. Heartbreaking and fun at the same time--heartbreaking to hear them telling stories that show how they're trying to work through their abandonments, and fun to see their creative juices flowing. They came up with some GREAT stories.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We're going to enjoy one last day with Brent before he heads off to boot camp. I know it will be fun to spend time with Jim's family and I am determined to ENJOY my day. There will be plenty of time for tears on Friday.

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  1. Jennifer, lately Rachel has had some questions about how she did not grow in my tummy and when will we go see her China mommy. It IS hard... I hear you! I often find myself stumbling around a bit trying to figure out the best things to say that she will understand.
    Happy Thanksgiving!