Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what a great day!

I had a hot date today.  Well,a double date really.  With 2 of the most darling young men on the planet.  And one of the very sweetest young ladies.  See?


We went out for lunch, then headed over to the theater to see a live production of Go, Dog. Go!  I took my nephew 8 years ago to the original, commissioned-by-Seattle-Children’s-Theater production.  It was wonderful then and totally delightful today.  Ted was only 3, so some of it went a bit over his head.  Because Ryan can read Go, Dog. Go! on his own, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Logan, always enthusiastic, got SO caught up in the excitement that he needed an occasional reminder to stay in his seat.   Emily, new to the story, was totally entranced.  It was a magical experience.  All three of them begged me to take them again tomorrow!  Sadly, the play closes this weekend so we won’t be able to go again.

Before we left this morning I got a phone call from my big boy.  It was SO great to talk to him!!!  We spent 45 minutes on the phone and I enjoyed every second of it.  He’s such a great young man!  I love the maturity I’m seeing, and it seems that things are finally beginning to go his way after 15 months of difficulty.  That makes me feel much better.

It poured rain on our way into Seattle today.  From the back seat, I heard 3 little voices saying “God, please stop the rain when we get there.  We want to be dry at the theater!  Thank you.  Amen.”  Fun to hear, and the faith of children—OY!  When we got to town and parked, the rain stopped and 3 delighted voices yelled “THANKS GOD!!”  How cool is that??  It didn’t rain when we walked up to lunch OR when we walked from lunch to the theater, and when the play was over the sun was shining.  Those 3 little people had eyes shining just as brightly as they exclaimed over and over about how good God was to care about something like rain on our walk. 

A magically fun day with God’s blessings and His fingerprints all over it.  What could be better than that?? 

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