Monday, March 28, 2011

6 years

6 years ago today, a 9 week old baby boy was left on the orphanage steps in the night.  Who left him there?  Did they kiss him goodbye?  Do they still miss him?  Do they ever wonder what happened to him?  Was it his momma or his daddy?  Or was he taken away by someone else?  Is March 28 as difficult for them as it is for him?

Three years ago I wrote this, about how abandonment day is for Ryan.  This year it has been horrific.  And, it’s been compounded by having his tonsils out.  By Mommy being gone all weekend.  By Daddy leaving today to spend some time with Brent.  By sister leaving yesterday.  Tonight, one teary frightened little boy is struggling to keep himself together, panicky with fear that those he loves won’t come back.  And it breaks my heart.

Healing.  Every year we see progress, but we’re definitely not there yet.  How long?  I wish I knew…

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  1. I'm so sorry that Ryan has trouble every year. I know you are giving him lots of hugs and reassurance. Poor little guy!