Tuesday, March 8, 2011

funny, and sad at the same time.

I read this blog this morning,  It’s a humorous look at the inane comments adoptive parents hear.  Often.  Even though we have 4 biological children as well as our little boys, I’ve heard #5 (from those who don’t know me, ie strangers in the store).

I think the only one she missed is the “Are they REAL brothers?” question.  Quite frankly, it’s a hard one to answer.  Are they real brothers?  Yes, of course.  They sure act like brothers!  And neither of them is plastic.  :)  I understand what the questioner is asking (are they biological brothers?) but truthfully…does it matter?  Is it ANY of your business?  They are brothers now in the eyes of God, the eyes of the law, and most important, in our eyes.  Nothing else matters. 

It can be hard to graciously express all those things.  Sometimes I fail.  Sometimes I’m not gracious about it.  Sometimes I just want to be a mom with her children, not an ambassador for adoption.   So if I snap, please forgive me.  It may mean that you are the 497th person to ask me that inane question today.   I’ll try harder to be gracious, and you try harder to not ask dumb questions, ‘k?  That way everything works out fine.  :)


  1. What is the blog you are talking about? There is no link to it. :(

  2. Click on "this blog"--it's a hyperlink. I'll fix the color of hyperlinks in my posts. Thanks for the heads up!