Friday, March 18, 2011

and the winner is...

 ...STREP THROAT!  Yes, again.  Hailey has strep.  Victoria has strep.  Ryan probably has strep--dr. didn't do a culture since he had a tonsillectomy yesterday.  All signs indicate that it is what he's fighting, so he's being treated too.  Logan's been treated since Tuesday for a skin infection, likely strep or staph.  And Emily?  She's fine, at the moment.  However, since she leaves on Sunday to go back to school, our wonderful pediatrician gave me a script for her as well.  It's been filled and will be tucked into her bag when she leaves.  Hopefully she won't need it.

It was a long night.  Today will be a long day, I'm sure.  Fortunately, I feel fine.  I made these yesterday and they are heavenly!  I just had one...and will probably have another before the day is over.  Have to keep up my strength, you know.  :)  Thanks, Marye!!

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  1. Oh wow, Jennifer! I'm just playing catch up. Didn't know so many of your kids were sick! That is no fun at all. Hope everyone gets better fast!