Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What a week!  And it’s only Wednesday.  :\  Sunday we discovered a major leak in the windshield in my car.  Nothing like standing water on the floor at the driver’s seat, and water clearly dripping in.  Monday Logan got up with a funny rash on his face; now it’s infected.  Things didn’t quite connect up right Monday afternoon and I spent a couple hours playing chauffer instead of doing what I had planned (dinner for a friend with a new baby) so the dinner hour got a wee bit stressful at home.  Tuesday was one minor mishap after another, and a trip to the dr. for meds for Logan’s infection.  My big guy is dealing with his non-anniversary this week.  Someone I love is not feeling well and the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong.  And today?  Well, the guys replacing the Suburban windshield (it’s under warranty, thankfully) didn’t show.  A couple other things fell apart that had been part of my plan for the day, and the house is a disaster.  The rain and the week were starting to get to me…but coming home from an errand this morning, God showed me this:




The flowering cherries are in bloom!  Spring is REALLY coming.  And the sun was shining for a bit too.  THAT was incredible.  I took advantage of the sunshine and got some pictures of spring. DSC_0093 DSC_0094    DSC_0098

That last shot?  It’s the new desktop picture on my computer.  It was time to replace the snowy scene that’s been there for a while.   And it’s a good reminder that no matter how awful the weather, spring WILL come.  God promised…and He always keeps His promises. 

Oh.  One more thing!  Want to know how awesome my God is?  How much He cares?  Ryan’s having a tonsillectomy tomorrow.  Not a huge deal, but for a child with abandonment in their history, being taken from Mom and Dad, led away by strangers, then having to go to sleep and wake up in a strange place surrounded by strange people is beyond overwhelming to think about.   When we’ve done this with Logan, Children’s has been very good about working with us and allowing me to be with Logan when he goes to the OR and before he wakes up in recovery.  Not so at our local hospital, where Ryan will have his day surgery.  And I’ve been a bit worried about how he would do with all this.  His fear level has been off the charts.  But I shouldn’t have bothered.  God had it all taken care of.  One of my friends, Ann, works in day surgery.  She knows Ryan very well, and he adores her.  She wasn’t scheduled to work tomorrow, but she let me know last night that there was a change in her shift.  She’ll be there at day surgery tomorrow.  She’ll check Ryan in.  She’ll walk him to the OR and hold his hand while they put him to sleep.  She’ll be his recovery nurse.  How’s that for awesome?!? 

Between the hope of spring and the overwhelming relief for my little guy, I’m feeling very loved by God today. 

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