Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a treasure trove!!

Today I got a box in the mail.  I knew it was coming; what I didn’t know is the absolute treasure it would contain.  One of my mom’s friends was a special education teacher for many years, and apparently she reads my blog.  (Hi Linda!)  When she read this post, she went to her files and packed me a box FULL of materials.  It came today.  WOW! 

Test booklets, visual motor testing information, visual perception testing, visual-aural testing, sensory integration information, basic learning abilities assessments—all complete with directions, score sheets, and complete test booklets!  I can’t begin to imagine what this would cost us to have someone do these.  And now they’re in my house!  I can integrate some of the test portions into our school day and evaluate the areas where I am concerned about Logan.  It is SO incredible to have all this!  The difference it will make for me as I teach Logan is amazing.

Thank you Linda!  Because of your help, Logan has an even better chance of succeeding in life.  (Did you know that 80% of children who are deaf or hard of hearing graduate from high school functionally illiterate?  Neither did I…until last fall.  That fact alone was enough to push us into homeschooling the boys this fall.)  Even with the odds stacked against him—hearing loss, motor planning issues, balance issues, sensory integration issues, speech and articulation issues, and likely visual motor and auditory processing issues—we WILL get this little guy a solid education.  Especially with friends like Linda to help.


  1. 80%!!! Holy cow!! I will continue to pray for you guys during your 'uphill' battle, but guys are doing GREAT!!!

  2. Yup. 80%. Pretty horrific, isn't it? While homeschooling wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, I couldn't figure out how I would stand before God at the end and say, "Yes, I knew that 80% of deaf/hard of hearing kids graduate from high school functionally illiterate. Yes, I know You gave me a child with hearing loss but I just felt like it was more important for me to send him to school so I know...have some time to myself."

    Just couldn't see that. :\

  3. Wow. I never knew that statistic either. Jennifer, I have no doubt that you will do an excellent job teaching Logan. And how wonderful that your friend sent you all that assessment material. Yay!