Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this n that

It’s funny how God does things.  Over the summer I was asked to speak to the young moms at church.  The topic they asked me to speak on?  Productivity.  And God is teaching me!  Oh boy is He teaching me!  (Good thing I speak next month—I’m not sure I want to continue learning these lessons until…oh…say, April.  Did that with self-control.  Boy was that ugly!!)  :)  Finding the right balance, learning to discern the difference between just being busy and truly being productive…not lessons I wanted to sign up for.  I’ve learned one thing, though, in the years I’ve been asked to speak:  whatever topic they request of me appears to be an area in my life that needs rebuilding.  Or reworking.  Or refining.  Or something.  It’s guaranteed—no matter the topic, God has something for ME to learn.  So thanks, ladies.  I’ve enjoyed this learning experience!

Life throws curveballs.  Everybody knows that.  Some are good, some not so good.  The last week or two has seen a slew of them.   Most are good but some are not so good.  Still trying to sort everything out…still working on school for the boys and moving college kids out and helping big guys find their way and…  Well, you get the picture. It’s that whole ‘what is just busyness and what is truly productive’ thing again.  (Do we sense a theme to this fall??)   Maybe one of these days I’ll sort through the curveballs enough to make sense of them and put some here.  Or maybe not. :\

And now, I’m off to sort through the day’s curves, to rejoice in the awesome news and mourn the tough stuff.  Life might be full of curveballs, but this week I am taking comfort in knowing that there are no curveballs for God.  THAT’S a pretty incredible thought to hang on to.  But then, He’s a pretty incredible God…

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