Thursday, September 16, 2010

time flies

16 years ago our family welcomed a third little girl.  Her big brother was a bit ticked because A) it was ANOTHER sister; and B) he had to miss Puyallup Fair Day at his school so that Mom could go to the hospital.  He forgave Tori.  See?

(Brent, 5, and Victoria, 2 weeks)tori 10-940001

Victoria has always been a joy and a delight—this picture is a great representation of her personality!

(9 months)tori0001

Spending years keeping up with her older siblings has matured her greatly, and many are surprised to learn she’s ‘only’ 16.

This year feels bittersweet.  Her birthday will be celebrated at dinner at home.  Jim and I are here and the little guys are here.  But Brent, Hailey, and Emily are not here.  Their absence makes a very big hole tonight.   It’s the first milestone birthday that more siblings AREN’T been around to celebrate than are.   And it’s bittersweet because she’s growing up SO fast!  One more year with her at home…she’ll celebrate her 18th birthday off at college somewhere.  Too strange to contemplate…

Happy birthday Tori!  You are a joy and a delight, and it is an honor to be your mom. I love you!!

(Victoria and Emily, Homecoming 2010)homecoming 10 020

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  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to Victoria! I love seeing her baby pictures. She has grown up to become such a beautiful young woman, Jennifer. You have to be very proud of all of your children!