Tuesday, June 21, 2011

prayer needed

Logan’s FM system is sitting in the office at his school speech therapist’s, just waiting for us to come get it!  And why haven’t we?  Because the gal at the district office who must sign off on the request to have the assistive technology at home refuses to do so.    :(  Please pray for a change of heart, that she would see the need and have compassion on Logan and his needs.  And, that she would read and understand that state and federal law prohibit her from refusing the request of the IEP team simply because we homeschool.  :)  There is no cost associated with Logan using the FM system at home over the summer—we sign a form accepting all responsibility and liability for the items—and to deny him is just flat out wrong.  I think she’s not happy with us because we carefully, respectfully pointed out the portions of state and federal law that allow us to make the request and spell out the grounds under which our request can be denied.  (And there aren’t any!)  Some days I can’t understand why this is such a big deal—I mean really, hearing is a basic function of communication, and she’s okay with denying him that.  Even though federal law spells out specifically that assistive technology needs to be available outside school hours for the deaf/hard of hearing population if they need it for communication!

PLEASE pray for a change of heart and a quick reply!!  Logan starts an exciting new speech therapy next week, and being able to actually hear what he’s doing would help immeasurably.   

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