Wednesday, June 22, 2011


hiking with Daddy…one of the best things ever!IMAG0071

Sometimes it takes a change to appreciate what you have.  Yesterday, I was blessed with that opportunity. 

Summers are different these days.  Brent and Hailey don’t live at home any more, so I try hard to not take their visits for granted.  Brent was here last week, and it was so wonderful!  I love having him here, and am happy to say that when he left,  the visit felt far too short.  That’s a good thing—I don’t ever want to feel like I can’t wait for him to leave.  No worries there…it was perfect having him back in the house for a bit.  It is nice to see him and have him around, and good to see that he truly is a capable adult, managing life on his own quite nicely.  Hailey lives closer so we see her more often, but her visits are a few hours here and a few hours there.  That works too.  She’s doing quite well, and is also a capable adult.  Rewarding to see.  :)  Em is home for the summer, working lots and spending time with friends.  It feels more like she’s just here for the bed, and that’s okay.  She’s also an adult, and it’s delightful relating to her as one.  Tori lives here but has had a packed schedule so far this summer.  She’s doing volleyball camp this week—out at 7:30 in the morning and home again around 5.  That generally leaves me home with the dynamic duo.

Not so yesterday.  Monday evening after work, Hailey stopped by with a grand plan.  She invited Ryan and Logan to her apartment for a sleepover.  They were excited beyond measure, and ran upstairs to pack.  Swim trunks?  Check.  Towel?  Check.  Shorts and t-shirts?  Check.  PJs, tootbrushes, pillows, stuffed animals?  Check.  Bicycles and helmets?  Check.  Hey—wait a minute.  Exactly how long are they staying??

They left Monday night about 8pm, and came back Tuesday night around 7:30.  They were exhausted.  And happy.  Oh my goodness.  They had an incredible time with their big sister.  And they cannot wait to go again.  They want to know the next time Hailey doesn’t have to work…they’re already planning their next adventure.

And the perspective thing?  Well, occasionally I think about how life would be without those two little boys.  Once in a great while, it sounds nice to not have two 6 year olds around.  Then they were gone.  All day.  And Jim was at work.  And Em was at work.  And Tori was at volleyball.  And me?  I was at a complete loss by noon.  I had cleaned house, done laundry, been grocery shopping, gone for a walk, read a book…and didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  I realized over the day that without those two little guys, I would be a mess.  Some days they drive me nuts, but they are such a huge blessing!  Recognizing the joy they bring, the purpose the provide was very necessary for this old tired mom.  And while I may still grumble on occasion, I have a renewed sense of gratefulness for their presence in our lives.

Maybe, just maybe, that realization is a better gift than the time off.

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