Friday, July 22, 2011

If everything is bigger in Texas…

…then my brother in law should live in Texas.  Tony is not a big guy.  He’s the guy standing at the water’s edge on the right.  That’s Jim beside him.


But Tony has a big heart.  And he’s got a big truck.  :)  Because of Tony’s big heart, I’ve been driving his big truck the last 2 days.  Tony and my sister used our travel trailer to go to the beach a few weeks ago.  In exchange, we get to use their truck when we hit the road for vacation soon.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me.  But oh my goodness!  I drive a Suburban, so I’m used to a ‘big’ car.  Uhhh….not so much.  Tony’s truck is a Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab long bed.  It’s 40” longer than my Suburban.  And it sits so much higher!  The little guys have to stretch to reach the door handles!  Seriously!! 

Yesterday I brought it home from their place.  Fortunately, I’m fairly comfortable in a big vehicle, and it was during the middle of the day so traffic was not too bad.   Today, because we were spread out all over the state, I drove it to Costco to do some grocery shopping.  Parked in the back of the lot.  Yep…it’s the truck that needs 2 parking spaces in a lot like that.  But it’s fun.

The thing I noticed about driving the truck had me laughing.  Heads turn.  I get second looks.  Not like last summer, when Brent’s Mustang was here and I got to drive it some.  No, those looks were ‘NICE car!’   These looks are ‘Huh?  SHE’S driving that??’  Makes me laugh.   But I like driving the truck.  At some level, I find that exceptionally frightening.

Once we get the trailer hitched to the ‘big truck’ I’ll take a picture.  And you’ll see.  Big truck. Somehow, it’s very fitting for the guy with the big heart.  Thanks, Tony and Pam! 

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  1. I would love to drive that! I've always liked "big" vehicles and if I had a choice in a vehicle, I'd get nice big truck.