Wednesday, July 13, 2011

at the beach

We hit the beach over the weekend.  It was such fun!  My sister and her family were there, so the little guys had an opportunity to play with their cousins.  They had a ball!  Flying kites, playing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, eating ice cream…what more could a kid want? 


The ocean was COLD, so the little boys found this ‘hot tub’ to play in.  They were in heaven.  My 11 year old nephew, however, found the ocean more refreshing. 


These 3 guys had a ball!  It was so funny watching them play.  My guys are so dark (duh, they’re Chinese!) and my nephew is VERY fair, and as we were watching them run up the beach my sister said, “Hey look!  It’s a moving Oreo!”  Cracked us all up.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  :) 


This is what happens when you apply sunscreen just before the child lays down in the sand.  Guess the sand is nearly as effective as a sunscreen.  Especially when it covers so well.  Fortunately, my twosome didn’t get quite as sandy.  They did, however, love flying kites with the big cousins.  Overall, it was a wonderful day!


  1. A beach and cousins . . . sounds perfect to me. Thanks for entering my giveaway.


  2. Where on earth did you find sunshine at the beach? Lucky! All I saw was rain.